General Questions

  • I have a development project (new construction, addition, or remodel); where do I start?
  • Other than my planning jurisdiction, what else do I need to consider?

Building Department, Allen County

  • What type of work requires building permits?
  • How long will the building permit process take?
  • Why do I need building permits?
  • Do I need to hire a professional to obtain a building permit?

Department of Planning Services, Fort Wayne and Allen County

  • What is the zoning of this property?
  • What are the permitted uses in my zoning district?
  • Do I need a Land Use permit for my project?
  • How much signage is permitted at my site?
  • What are my building setbacks from the property lines?

Fire Department, City of Fort Wayne

  • Do I need to provide a fire hydrant for my project?
  • What is the distance from the building that requires the installation of a fire hydrant?
  • Will a sprinkler system be required for my project?
  • Does the sprinkler system have to be monitored by an outside company?
  • Does the post indicator valve (PIV), which is a type of shut-off valve for water supply, have to be electronically monitored?
  • Will I need a fire alarm system?
  • Does every fire alarm have to be monitored?
  • Does the Fire Department need access around the building?
  • What is the width of fire department access roads, if needed?
  • How and where should I install the fire department connection (FDC)?

Department of Health, Fort Wayne-Allen County

  • I want to open a new food establishment. What do I need to do?
  • I am going to buy an existing food establishment. What do I need to do?
  • What types of food establishments require a permit?
  • How do I obtain a food establishment permit?
  • Where can I get a copy of the Indiana Food Code (410 IAC 7-24) and Allen County Food and Beverage Ordinance (Title 10, Article 2)?
  • Is a permit required for a tattoo and/or body piercing facility, and if so, how do I obtain one?
  • Is a permit required to install a septic system, and how do I obtain one?
  • How does the plan review process work for a new septic system and how long does it take?
  • If I run the business out of my home, do I still have to meet commercial, onsite septic system requirements?
  • Where can I find State and County regulations regarding Onsite Sewage Systems?
  • Is a permit required for a swimming pool and/or spa, and how do I obtain one?
  • Where can I find State and County regulations regarding Public Pools and Spas?

Highway Department, Allen County

  • What improvements do I need to make for an access to a development in Allen County?
  • Is dedication of right-of-way along site frontage a requirement for new development?
  • What are the factors involved in the cost of Allen County Highway Department permits?
  • Is a traffic study required?
  • What are the traffic counts in our concerned area?
  • What are the standards for road and entrance construction?

Right of Way Department, City of Fort Wayne

  • Why do I need a permit from the Right of Way Department?
  • Do I have to apply for a permit in person?
  • How long does it take to receive an approved permit?
  • What type of material do I have to use for my driveway?
  • What is a driveway radius, and how do I know the required size?
  • How wide does my sidewalk need to be?
  • What is a barricade permit?

Parks and Recreation Department, City of Fort Wayne

  • Where do I find a list of approved street tree species?

Surveyor’s Office, Allen County

  • Can I get a copy of my survey?
  • Is there any other place to get a copy of my survey if the Allen County Recorder’s Office does not have it?
  • Can my neighbor put his fence right on the property line? Isn’t there a certain distance from the line where he has to put the fence?
  • My neighbor has his downspouts directed right at my property, and I’m getting all his water. Isn’t there a law that states he can’t do this?
  • Don’t some of the property taxes I pay go toward maintaining the drains?
  • Why am I being charged a drain assessment if I don’t have a drain on my property?
  • Why did I get a drain assessment last year but did not get one this year?
  • When is the next Drainage Board meeting?
  • Do I need a permit to have a pond installed?
  • How much are your fees?

Utilities Development Services, City of Fort Wayne

  • Are all utilities in Fort Wayne municipally owned?
  • Where can I find City Utilities’ design standards and technical specifications?
  • Are there submittal or project plan review fees for City Utilities?
  • Will City Utilities provide preliminary plan reviews?