When you apply for permits online through the Citizen Access Portal, you are able to track the status of your application online. Even if you do not apply for a permit online, the department to which you have applied may use the same Web-based management system to track your application. So, the department may e-mail you status reports on your permit application. These status reports use the following status types. The meaning of each status is defined below.

Status Type What It Means
Approved – Hold C of C This status means that your improvement location permit (ILP) has been released by that department. However, that department has placed holds on the issuance of the Certificate of Compliance (C of C) until certain inspections or other conditions are met.
Approved – No Hold C of C This status means that the reviewing department has released your ILP. The reviewing department has determined your project and application have met all the conditions necessary to release the C of C.
Does Not Meet Requirements The department has reviewed the application for your project. Unfortunately, the department determined your project, as submitted in the application documents, does not meet the requirements of certain local, state, and/or federal regulations. Typically, the department cites the specific regulations that your project does not meet.
Incomplete Submittal The Department of Planning Services (DPS) performed the intake of your application. Unfortunately, DPS determined that you have not supplied the minimum filing requirements to begin the review of your application. Therefore, it is an incomplete submittal until you provide additional documentation or information to meet the minimum filing requirements.
Not Applicable The reviewing department does not administer any regulations that apply to your project. Therefore, this particular department’s sign-off is not necessary for the issuance of the ILP.
Under Review This status indicates that your application has been received and distributed to the appropriate departments for review.