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Sanitary Sewer Construction Permit within Fort Wayne—Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM) SPC Permit

Initial Contact: City Utilities - Development Services (Sewer)

Application Form:

Your plans with a transmittal memo serve as the application for DVS to review your project for approval. Call the department for more information, such as to receive a submittal and review checklist or for any questions related to Indiana Administrative Code (IAC) that govern this permit issuance.

Public Meeting:

Not applicable


Not applicable

Telephone Number: 260-427-5064

Issued To:

Project site owner or designee seeking to extend am eight-inch (8") or larger diameter sanitary sewer main.


Once DVS receives and approves the required information as set forth in IAC, DVS issues the Sanitary Sewer Construction Permit (SPC 15 Permit) to the applicant and informs IDEM of the permit approval. The applicant is not required to submit any plans or information to IDEM directly.