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Annual Food Market Permit—Reduced Fee

Initial Contact: Health Department (Food)

Application Form:

Annual Food Market Reduced Fee Establishment Permit Application

Public Meeting:

Not applicable


$110 for one year of operation

Telephone Number: 260-449-7116

Issued To:

Those wanting to operate an annual food market establishment in which the only open food product being dispensed or served are beverages from a dispensing machine (and/or the only food products being sold are pre-packaged and non-potentially hazardous)


Prior to the construction or modification of an annual food market establishment, the Department of Health requires the submittal of plans for review and approval. Once approved, the construction/modification may take place. Inspections occur upon request throughout the process. A final inspection and full compliance is required prior to the use of the establishment or modified area, as well as the submission of the application and associated fees.