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Improvement Location Permit

Initial Contact: Department of Planning Services

Application Form:

Improvement Location Permit application (ACA online application)

Public Meeting:

Not applicable


Fees vary depending upon the project; contact DPS for fee determination.

Telephone Number: 260-449-7607

Issued To:

Applications can be submitted online at https://citizenaccess.acfw.net/citizenaccess or in person at 200 E Berry, Suite 150. The Improvement Location Permit (ILP) process is an administrative process where DPS staff and depending on location, other departments review and approve certain types of development. ILP applications include a deck, shed, addition, new building on a vacant property, pool, etc.


The administrative review and initial approval of a site plan will result in the issuance of an Improvement Location Permit (ILP) that allows the applicant to secure building permits. Projects of a certain size and scope as defined by the Zoning Ordinance are included in the ILP process. In general, the process includes the submission of a site plan or drawings that accurately show the proposed improvements to DPS. Depending on the jurisdiction, these plans may be distributed to appropriate reviewing agencies to review the plans. Application requirements include a survey or accurate drawing of the property with property lines, existing and proposed buildings and structures; a legal description; and other application information as required. Depending on the jurisdiction, projects of certain sizes and types are not required to secure permits. Call DPS if you are not sure whether a permit is required. Typically this is an administrative review by DPS staff and can be completed within one business day with a complete application. After an ILP is issued, the permit is forwarded to the Fort Wayne-Allen County Building Department for an applicant to secure the applicable building permits.