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Initial Contact: Department of Planning Services

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Sign Application (ACA online application)

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Not applicable


Fees vary depending upon the project; contact DPS for fee determination.

Telephone Number: 260-449-7607

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An applicant proposing to place an on-premise sign on a property.


An applicant who wants to install a freestanding sign or a sign placed on the wall of a business submits an application to DPS. Applicants can submit their applications online at https://citizenaccess.acfw.net/citizenaccess or in person at 200 E Berry, Suite 150. Depending on the jurisdiction, signs of certain sizes are not required to secure permits. Call the Department of Planning Services if you aren’t sure whether a permit is required. The application includes a survey or accurate drawing of the property with property lines, existing buildings, and applicable setbacks shown; the location, height and type of the proposed sign; and other supporting documents. Typically this is an administrative review by DPS staff and can be completed within one business day with a complete application.