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Stormwater Management Plan Permit

Initial Contact: Allen County Surveyor's Office

Application Form:

Application for Stormwater Permit

Public Meeting:

May require Drainage Board Approval


Fees are assessed according to Title 19 Article 2 Allen County Stormwater Management Fee Schedule.

Telephone Number: 260-449-7625

Issued To:

Necessary for any construction where there will be stormwater drainage improvements required or detention required for increased stormwater runoff as a result of the construction activities, or where the construction may result in the obstruction or raising of the natural overland flow path where potential damages from flooding could occur on the site or neighboring properties due to the proposed development, and in instances where there is currently no stormwater management plan in place. (Reference: Title 19 Article 1 Allen County Stormwater Management Ordinance, 19-1-4)


For secondary development plan projects, an applicant must submit the following:

  • Construction plans including grading and drainage plans that address at a minimum the requirements of the Allen County Stormwater Plan Submittal Checklist
  • Stormwater drainage technical report and calculations
  • Watershed maps
  • Documentation of any easements that may be needed for the site
  • Recorded maintenance agreement
  • Completed Allen County Application for Stormwater Permit
  • Completed copy of a Draft Notice of Intent (NOI) form
  • Completed copy of the Statement of Financial Responsibility

Applicants for secondary development plan projects also must obtain any necessary Drainage Board approvals and meet any other requirements to satisfy county, state, and federal regulations and standards.

For single family residential lots requiring this permit, an applicant must submit a drainage plan for the site.