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Allen County Private Pond Permit

Initial Contact: Allen County Surveyor's Office

Application Form:

Allen County Application for Pond Permit Form

Public Meeting:

May require Drainage Board Approval


$200 ($100 Review Fee plus $100 Inspection Fee) per Title 19 Article 2 Allen County Stormwater Management Fee Schedule (19-2-1-2)

Telephone Number: 260-449-7625

Issued To:

The Allen County Surveyor's Office requires the submittal and approval of a pond permit for the construction of any private pond that will be greater than 1000 square feet in surface area and is not regulated as a retention or detention pond (retention and detention ponds have their own set of standards). Additionally, a permit will be required for any existing pond that shall have its surface area increased by more than 1000 square feet. (Reference: Title 19 Article 1 Allen County Stormwater Management Ordinance, 19-1-5 & 19-1-6-2)


For the construction or modification of a private pond, the Allen County Surveyor's Office requires the submittal of the Application for Pond Permit Form and Pond Construction Waiver of Liability Agreement. In addition, a site plan should be submitted that addresses the items of the Allen County Private Pond Construction Requirements document.