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Annual Food Service Off-Site Permit

Initial Contact: Health Department (Food)

Application Form:

Annual Food Service Off-Site Establishment Permit

Public Meeting:

Not Applicable


$300 for one year of operation.

Telephone Number: 260-449-7116

Issued To:

Those wanting to operate an annual food service off-site establishment such as licensed food establishments that operate at various satellite locations throughout the year (these are generally outdoors and at events such as festivals, golf courses, etc.)


Prior to the approval to operate an annual food service off-site establishment, the Department of Health requires that the applicant already operate a licensed food establishment in Allen County. Dates and times of operation of when the licensed facility will operate must be submitted to the Department of Health at least 24 hours (or one business day) in advance. Full compliance of submission of operating schedule is required or there is potential for the permit to be revoked. Once compliance is met and application and fees are submitted, establishment may operate the annual food service off-site establishment.