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Temporary Farmers Food Market Establishment Permit

Initial Contact: Health Department (Food)

Application Form:

Temporary Farmer's Food Market Establishment Permit

Public Meeting:

Not applicable


$75 for 12 continuous months of operation.

Telephone Number: 260-449-7116

Issued To:

Those wanting to operate a temporary farmer's food market establishment such as a vendor that sells honey, cider, and whole fruits and vegetables, as well as non-potentially hazardous pre-packaged foods. A permit is required for each such location.


Prior to the approval to operate a temporary farmer's food market establishment, the Department of Health requires the submittal of the application and appropriate fees. The applicant is required to disclose the exact location of the temporary market, and any other locations of operation, if unit is mobile. Information with regard to hours of operation, foods to be sold, and storage of product during non-operational hours is also required. Full compliance is required before the sale of any food product.