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Barricade Permits within Fort Wayne (see MC 99.020)

Initial Contact: City Transportation Driveway Access or Sidewalk

Application Form:

ACA on-line application

Public Meeting:

Not Applicable


Fee depends on the extent of right of way to be blocked, the length of time the right of way will be obstructed, and the road classification if traffic lanes are obstructed. Fort Wayne code MC 99.009 determines fees for barricade permits in Fort Wayne.

Telephone Number: 427-1172 or 427-6155

Issued To:

Anyone desiring to temporarily restrict access to a portion of public right of way that is usually available for public use, for exclusive use by the applicant for specific purposes.


Applications can be submitted on-line at https://citizenaccess.acfw.net/citizenaccess or in person at 200 E Berry, Suite 210. Specific information, help text, and supplemental informational links are available as part of the online application.