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Water Tap/Connection Permit within Fort Wayne

Initial Contact: City Utilities - Development Services (Water)

Application Form:

Water Tap Permit Application Form

Public Meeting:

Not applicable


Tap fees vary based on size of service and location of water main relative to the property; please call for a quote.

Telephone Number: 260-427-1161

Issued To:

Anyone seeking to connect an existing or new building or structure to the water distribution system.


Contact Water and Sewer Permits to confirm availability of potable water service and to determine applicable fees. Water service taps are installed by the City's Water Maintenance Department and are extended from the public water main to an area at or near the property line. The property owner/building tenant must hire a contractor and/or plumber to extend the water service to the building for connection. Once the water service line and internal plumbing work is completed, call Water and Sewer Permits to arrange for a water meter installation.