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City Utilities - Development Services ( Stormwater)

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City Utilities Development Services Department (DVS) assists companies and individuals seeking drinking water, wastewater and stormwater service from Fort Wayne City Utilities. This includes those seeking to connect an existing home to those seeking services for new multisite residential, commercial or industrial developments. Development Services staff will assist new development applicants in the water, sanitary sewer and stormwater technical plan submittal and review process and coordinate approvals for development plans, improvement location permits water, sanitary sewer connection permits and Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan permits. The Wastewater Industrial Pretreatment permit program is also administered through the DVS department.

If you are seeking information about Fort Wayne City Utilities water, sanitary sewer or stormwater connection requirements, public main extension requirements, design standards, connection fees, user fees or other related information, please contact the Development Services Department. Thank you for your interest in Fort Wayne City Utilities - we look forward to serving you.


Firstname Lastname Phone Email
Craig Berndt 427-5064 CraigBerndt@cityoffortwayne.org