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Allen County Surveyor's Office

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The Allen County Surveyor’s Office handles statutorily required reviews and functions directly related to stormwater management. These include the review of site plan proposals for residential, commercial, and industrial developments throughout Allen County to ensure compliance with water quantity and water quality discharge requirements. Public health, safety, and welfare are a paramount concern for the Surveyor’s Office. To that end, compliance with adopted standards is held to the highest level.

Additionally, the Surveyor’s Office performs a drainage analysis of the area around the new development to ensure that the site drainage plan enables future development to occur around the construction site. This provides for continued growth and development within Allen County in a cost-effective manner and lowers the risk of the development encountering future drainage problems and associated financial burdens.  The Surveyor’s Office also processes Drainage Board petitions and inspects new development sites.

Maintaining these standards ensures the opportunity for high-quality development that enhances the overall quality of life in the county, while providing for less drainage issues and protecting one of our most valuable resources, water, from pollutants.


Firstname Lastname Phone Email
Cheryl Zurbrugg 449-7625 Cheryl.Zurbrugg@allencounty.us
Karen Couture 449-7625 karen.couture@allencounty.us