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Health Department (Septic)

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In support of Allen County and its municipalities, the Fort Wayne-Allen County Department of Health strives to promote the health, safety, and well-being of all residents. With guidance from the Indiana State Department of Health and support from many partnering agencies, the Health Department endeavors to have a model public health infrastructure that provides professional, responsive, and cost-effective services to the community.
With respect to environmental and enforcement duties, the Health Department provides licensing, permitting, and inspections for the following:

  • Retail food establishments
  • Tattoo and body-piercing establishments
  • Hotels and motels (as applicable)
  • Private sewage disposal systems (e.g., septic systems)
  • Public and semi-public pools and spas
  • Railroad camp car systems.


Firstname Lastname Phone Email
Gary Chapple 449-7561 Gary.Chapple@allencounty.us
Kathy Doseck 449-7561 Kathy.Doseck@allencounty.us