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County Highway Driveway Access or Sidewalk

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Welcome to the Allen County Highway Department. The team at the Highway Department looks forward to working with you throughout the development process. The Highway Department sets high standards to ensure safe and efficient means of transportation for the general public. In order to maintain such standards, the department complies with all required construction specifications.

During your Economic Development process the Highway Department works with you to meet and conform to standards of compliance.
For new project plan reviews, the manager of Technical Services and Subdivision Manager review the plans you have submitted to the Highway Department. They review the following items make sure:

  • Plans include Allen County Highway Standards and Specifications as they relate to pavement depth, type and dimensions and adherence to drainage, sidewalk and Americans with Disability Act (ADA) standards.
  • Traffic flow into and out of the new development are safe and efficient for the public.
  • Right-of-way dedication per the Transportation Plan is satisfied.
  • Permits for any construction and utilities within the right-of-way are applied for and inspections are conducted to ensure compliance.

The economic development process can be time consuming and stressful. The Allen County Highway Department does its best to ease that stress by walking through the process with you. The Highway Department staff looks forward to providing quality service that supports your development project.


Firstname Lastname Phone Email
Mike Eckert 449-7369 Mike.Eckert@allencounty.us
Lesli Kerfoot 449-7369 Lesli.Kerfoot@allencounty.us
Bill Hartman 449-7369 Bill.Hartman@allencounty.us