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Fort Wayne Transportation Engineering Division includes the Transportation Administration Department, the Street Project Management Department, the Traffic Engineering Department, and the Street Light Engineering Department. The Transportation Administration Department coordinates most development permitting interactions among all these departments—that way, you only need to work with one department for all transportation related issues in the City of Fort Wayne. Each department contributes to the economic development process in the following ways:

  • Street Project Management: Reviews plans to make sure City of Fort Wayne construction standards are included as they relate to pavement depth, type, and dimensions and adherence to Americans with Disability Act (ADA) standards.
  • Traffic Engineering: Reviews plans to ensure access standards are included on the plans and that traffic flow into and out of the development are safe and efficient for the development and the public.
  • Transportation Administration: Reviews plans to make sure all permits for any construction within the right-of-way are applied for and inspections are conducted to ensure compliance.
  • Street Lighting Engineering: Reviews plans to ensure all exterior lighting complies with City Standards for fixture details and specifications and light encroachment onto adjacent properties.

The goal of the Transportation Engineering team is to assist developers and contractors with their development to ensure a safe and efficient transportation system for them and the public, and to help them comply with construction standards and the permitting process.


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Karen Butler 427-1172 Karen.Butler@cityoffortwayne.org